Near Death Experience

Welcome to the Raymond Moody Institute. We are involved in near death experience research, the studies of life after life, the evidence that there is evidence of life after the physical death of the body. We offer courses and videos and books and articles that cover the near death experience and the afterlife. You can see those here and here.

A Raymond Moody/Eben Alexander  Video on the Near Death Experience

dvd eben alexander imageWe do offer a video of Raymond Moody interviewing Eben Alexander. View the trailer below. View the whole thing and let us know your experiences.

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About Raymond Moody, MD

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Raymond Moody MD

In his first book, Life After Life, published in 1975, Dr. Moody,  a psychiatrist, investigated the near death experiences of over a hundred people who experienced clinical death, then were revived. He later published several other books related to this classic best seller. He is now recognized as the father of near death experience psychology.

About the Raymond Moody Institute

life after life imageSince the publishing of that book the Institute has gone on to investigate thousands of new near death experience accounts. These near death experience stories have certain qualities in common: They are awe-inspiring and positive occurrences that include visions of unending peace and love, and most people say that they cannot really describe in words. Thomas Edison, when he was dying, is said to have said, “It is beautiful over there.” Steve Jobs’s transition was simpler: He is said to have said, “Wow, Wow, Wow…”

Others go to this place and come back, often to return with  vast wisdom. Dr. Eben Alexander had a near death experience, and he wrote a book about it, Proof of Heaven, a New York Times best seller. This book may help to create a shift how science looks at the world. It may help to achieve a balance between spirituality and science.